Liver Licks KICKS 16 oz

Invest in your dog's health.

Natural hip and joint relief in a chewy liver treat.

Liver Licks KICKS! Delicious Liver Treats with Breakthrough Natural Joint Supplement Biovaplex™

On the cutting edge of pet health, Kona’s Chips is the first pet treat manufacturer to add Biovaplex™, the new breakthrough nutritional supplement for pets! Our pooch approved recipe for scandalously delicious Liver Licks is infused with this miraculous and natural joint supplement derived from eggshell membrane.

Perfect for dogs performing agility trials, athletic competitions or other sports, Liver Licks KICKS will increase play time and ensure joint health and flexibility. Older dogs with degenerative joint disease or joint inflammation demonstrating debilitating joint symptoms will benefit from increased mobility. Biovaplex™ contains a complex of powerful natural compounds such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, to name just a few.

Canine clinical trials by veterinarians have shown significantly increased joint mobility, so much so, that participants requested to continue using this breakthrough nutritional supplement at their own expense after the study conclusion. You should see results in just one week, which will continue to improve! Liver Licks KICKS usage is by your dog’s weight: One treat per day for each 30 pounds of your dogs weight. Each bag contains approximately 25 treats.  

Give your dog the advantage with Liver Licks KICKS! Give your dog the advantage with Liver Licks KICKS!. Please always supervise your dog when giving any treat. Not recommended for dogs that don't chew their treats.

Liver Licks KICKS 16 oz
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